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Fledgeling Music

Come & Play! fun joyful and active musical experiences – Children grow together in confidence and interact positively as we play!

Lorna Berry, the Founder of Fledgeling Music, is an experienced and skilled Early Years Music Educator with over 22 years experience of working with young children.

As a qualified Nursery Nurse she worked in Canada, on returning to Britain she worked with children in Hospital and studied to become a Qualified Hospital Play Specialist.
She was inspired by how children’s quality of life, emotional wellbeing and rehabilitation dramatically improved through play and music.

She specialised in children with head injuries, using play and music to help children relearn skills that had seemingly been lost (such as speech and mobility).
Using this wealth of experience, skill and passion for playfulness, music and dance, Lorna now works with children and their families in rural North Norfolk delivering high quality music and movement classes.


Family Music Groups

Bubbling with fun and laughter! This groups focus is exploration and playfulness with instruments and voice, developing communication and language skills and supporting children’s growth, confidence & social interaction. Every session is planned to ensure progression of learning.


There is a familiar routine to every session which helps give the children a sense of belonging and encourages them to become more vocal & confident in expressing their ideas.

Parties in The Nest

A Fledgeling Music party lasts an hour and is interactive theatre at its best. Your child will feel very special and have the story created around them and their friends to fully immerse them in the story.


What Fledgeling Music brings to the party: We bring the theatre to you, your home or venue of your choice, We start the party with free play of exquisite instruments including drums and other percussion instruments and a classical instrument for the children to experiment with so that the children feel comfortable as they arrive.

After the free play your Fledgeling storyteller sings to your child their very own birthday song and then the adventure begins.

When the adventure has come to its exciting climax and the children have saved the day, your storyteller will lead the children with a song to the table for the celebratory feast.

The party is £150 to be paid prior to the party date.


Fledgeling Music brings to you interactive musical theatre to your school, nursery, festival or Carnival. The children’s imagination brings the story to life. Each adventure has stunning instruments, curious props, fun puppets and memorable songs.

All of Lorna’s stories are created around songs that encourage movement, action and interaction. All the stories are playful adventures using creative play to help the children really feel and experience the story.

School Fledgelings

Fledgeling Music’s nursery and school program is dynamic, energetic and fun. Children and teachers love the curriculum designed for them as it wraps up the National Curriculum in an exciting bundle bursting with extra creativity and wonderment.


With Fledgeling Music’s holistic approach all the six areas of learning are naturally key to the experience. Children develop musical skills and expression through all the senses but particularly kinesthetic, using dance and whole body physical movement to re enforce their learning of timbre rhythm and beat.

Fledgeling Music’s playful approach underpins not only musical education but children’s education as a whole, whilst supporting their growing social awareness and celebrating and respecting each child’s amazing individuality and abilities. Children’s confidence and awareness of their own skills are encouraged to flourish and grow.

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